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Sound Installation

Commissioned by Alvaro Laiz / Campocerrado Foundation

Studio Dodark – Madrid / spain

Sound Installation commisioned by photographer Álvaro Laiz for his photographic exhibition at Studio Dodark, Madrid / Spain. May 2023.

What weighs more? Genetics or breeding? Nature or Culture?
At the gates of the technological singularity, in the midst of the Anthropocene era, it seems a difficult question to solve because, ultimately, we are part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.

The symbiosis and mutualism present in the pasture and its narrative possibilities were the axis on which Memoria de Invierno would later be built.



Sound Landscape Installation

Commissioned by César Dezfuli / Kryptographie International Festival

SPHERE GALLERY – Tokyo / Japan

Height Speakers Sound Landscape Installation commisioned by photographer César Dezfuli, for his exhibition at Kryptographie International Festival, at Sphere Gallery / Tokyo /Japan. April 2023.

Every year thousands of people try to cross the Mediterranean Sea from the African coast to Europe. In the summer of 2016, César Dezfuli spends three weeks on board the Iuventa, a former fishing boat operated by the German NGO Jugend Rettet, where he witnesses the rescue vessel assist people risking their lives on the central Mediterranean migration route, the overseas crossing from Libya to Italy.

The desire to document the reality of migration, to reclaim identities that remain invisible behind the statistics, leads Dezfuli to a second stage: the stories of the protagonists of the project must be told. He undertakes a search for the 118 passengers to find out why they left their countries, what they experienced on the migration route, and how they continued their lives after being rescued at sea.

LOST SPRING (люта весна)


Sound Installation

Commissioned by Filmmaker CARY FUKUNAGA

LEICA GALLERY – Madrid/ Spain

Quadraphonic Sound Installation commisioned by filmmaker CARY FUKUNAGA for his photographic exhibition at Leica Gallery, on December 2022.



Dolby Atmos Sound Installation


Navarra / Spain

Dolby Atmos sound installation created for photographer Álvaro Laiz, commissioned by the Museum of the Navarra University (Spain), on May 2022.

This sound installation is aiming to bring a sensorial experience to the audience by the emission of sound impulses distributed around the tridimensional space of the room, the development based on different human being DNA sequences of RNA sequences. These same sets of rules that define the genetic code will be processed to generate the rhythm underlying those sound impulses, which will vary subtly as the sequences are processed.

In this sound installation the audio tracks contains two different kinds of data: First, a sound frequency translation of human DNA sequences which will constitute the primary sound base that will always be at ground level of the exhibition space. A series of sound impulses located in the lowest frequencies – 20 to 60 hertz – will be distributed around the space that will subtly vibrate on the ground. These sound pulses aim to transmit to the public a feeling of closeness to the earth and a sensorial idea of origin.



Sound Landscape Installation

Commissioned by JELLE KRINGS

Street installations in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dolby Atmos Sound Landscape design for photographer Jelle Krings for his project “Shield of Europe”. This is an interactive long-read experience about the human cost of European migration policies, giving an up-close perspective on the lives of the people who are stuck on the Greek islands, while also explaining the cause of their suffering.

“Shield of Europe” Sound Landscape was designed in order to associate the sound perspectives from an objective and subjective point of view of the refugees. Objectively, the sounds describe what we are seeing in the images and transitions, with clear references to the natural elements that surround the two camps, combined with the everyday sounds of the people who inhabit them. From a subjective point of view – a more psychological one – a “replica” of some of these sounds can be heard in the form of echoes and reverberations that try to suggest the collective consciousness of the refugees.
Likewise, sound subjectivity is located in certain passages of the piece where real sounds from the refugees’ countries of origin are incorporated. Pleasant sounds like those found in refugee’s homeland, house, family, music… and unpleasant sounds that came from the wars that were taking place in those places, specially in Afghanistan and Syria. With the combination of both kind of sounds we try to set ourselves in the place of those people, specially in the psychological side. Sounds that are memories of a life that evokes the past and the concern about the future.



Dolby Atmos Sound Landscape

Commissioned by PEPE MOLINA CRUZ

Roca Gallery, Spain

Dolby Atmos Sound Landscape design for filmmaker Pepe Molina Cruz, for his project “Melting Landscapes – Glaciers”.

“Melting Landscapes – Glaciers”, showing the slow, but constant melting of our earth’s glaciers and its relationship with climate change, was shot in Antarctica, Argentina, Chile, Greenland and Iceland.

A small air bubble trapped in ice millions of years ago possesses valuable information about past climate and analysing them provides direct data on when they were created.

Global warming is causing accelerated fusion of Arctic ice, the Greenland mantle and the most vulnerable regions of Antarctica, altering their habitats, ocean currents and the climate worldwide.



Sound Landscapes Documentary Film


AIYÉNIARIWO is a 60-minute documentary sound art work Designed for small movie theaters. There’s no image in this documentary, so is a pure sound landscapes experience. The work is divided into 4 acts, where the sounds of human beings and nature are delocalized and transformed to let the narration make sense from a purely sensory point of view.

AIYÉNIARIWO refers to the sound concept within the African mystical tradition, specifically in the Yoruba of Nigeria. A few years ago I was studying these concepts before going to Cameroon to record the sounds of the Baka pygmies, specifically as in African traditions the word “sound” was described as a vehicle that allowed to articulate an abstract idea in a concrete way – for example, to communicate thought as if it were matter -. The sound also has a power of invocation that would allow to reach psychic powers of a brutal power.

The African tradition considers the sound in a much broader way than the superficial meaning given to this word. The Yoruba of Nigeria have surely been the ones who make the most references to the mysticism of sound in their legends, poems and proverbs. It is common to find in his verses how sound becomes matter and then vital essence. For example, references to the first birth of the sound of water, and after the water itself.

The title you see below is a compound word, which means “The earth is noisy (you can also say a clamor, or a noise).”



Sound Art Mult Installation

Commissioned by PHOTOESPAÑA

Jardín Botánico, Madrid, Spain

BIG DATA is a sound multi-installation, adapted to a public space and accompanied by a visual projection. The project refers to the etymology of the word that gives it a title (in English, “Big data”), in relation to an immense amount of information that a structured system would not be able to process and is forced to find repetitive patterns in the same to be able to analyze them.

The installation tries to establish a relationship between that system, in this case the human being, and the big data provided by the sound that surrounds us through a real and other virtual media. It is developed on 4 independent sound installations that interact with an open and public space; Each installation refers to a cardinal point (north, south, east and west) providing structured sound landscapes with samples recorded by the artist in different parts of the world and acting as virtual screens that would transport us to virtual environment, far from space real sound that houses the multi-installation, where we will find – consciously or unconsciously – those patterns that would somehow connect the real with the virtual.

BIG DATA also invites, with the support of the visual projection that accompanies the installation to reflect once more on the fact of a constant “virtualization” of human society, which seems to insist on a constant search for that virtus (in Latin , initial force or energy) that produces the effect, whose result does not allow us to meditate on the present and gradually disconnects us from nature and reality.



Sound Installation

Commisioned by ÁLVARO LAIZ

Steel & Mining Museum of Castilla y León, Spain

Sound Art piece for photographer Álvaro Laiz’s exhibition “Fosil”, at Steel & Mining Museum of Castill y León, Spain.

Fossil analyzes, documents and show the evolution of the decaying coal miners basins in northern Spain. Refers both to the fosilized minerals from the
Carboniferuous period and the fossilization process the mine industry is, paradoxically, experiencing.



Sound Art & Landscape Installation

Commissioned by CRISTINA DE MIDDEL

Dillon Gallery, New York, USA

Dolby Atmos Sound Art & Landscape design for Magnum Photographer Cristina de Middel for her project “This Is What Hatred Did”.

This is what hatred did is the lapidary phrase that ends Amos Tutuola’s novel My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. When it was published in 1954, the novel provoked such violent reactions that Tutuola was obliged to leave Nigeria. Its concluding phrase is the starting point for photographer Cristina de Middel‘s interpretation of the tenebrous story based in the streets of Makoko, a watery slum in the city of Lagos.



Sound Installation


Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA

Multichannel Sound Landscape design for photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind, on the occasion of the Niemeyer Grand.

‘Stay’ is a series of video portraits of Ukrainian women in their homes after their husbands or sons have left to fight in the war.

Taylor-Lind travelled all over the country making portraits of women from both sides of the conflict who are waiting for their men to return. While these women sit quietly at their kitchen tables, or in their living rooms, their men are away fighting each other in the East. The videos are layered with a composition of everyday domestic ambient sounds and the sounds of the war as it manifests itself inside the home.



Sound Art & Landscape Design


Album Arte Gallery, Roma, Italy

Sound Art & Landscape Design for transmedia project “Monte Inferno”, by Patrizia Santangeli. This project is about a garbage dump located in Borgo Montello, Italy. The aquifers are contaminated, as is the Astura river. The wind carries contaminated air in the homes of those who live on the edge of the landfill and the economy of the place has been damaged.



Sound Landscape

Commissioned by ÁLVARO LAIZ

Cerezales Gallery, León, Spain

Multichannel Sound Landscape design for photographer Álvaro Laiz and his project “The Hunter”. Sounds recorded by José Bautista in Siberia, October-November 2014.



Sound & Video Art Installation


Mondo Gallery, Madrid, Spain

TÉRREA is a multichannel audiovisual installation based on an exhaustive exploration of the space we invaded, lived and traveled, but from a ground level point of view and, in synchrony, below it. The general idea starts from that “low” perspective, through the land we walk through – regardless of how we have covered it, be it asphalt, tile, wood or granite – whose “rhythm of routing” is determined by who we are, where we are and, most importantly, where we are going.



Sound Art / Video Art



La New Gallery, Madrid, Spain

Video & Sound Art piece based on how a series of metallic sculptures created by artist Roberto Coromina can reflect the light, creating new images where the sound is derived from these new visuals.



Sound Art


Garage Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Sound Art piece for Magnum Photographer Gueorgui Pinkhassov retrospective at Garage Gallery, Moscow.