A documentary short by David Airob and José Bautista.

On March 13, Fernando Domínguez, an architect by profession, was admitted to the Bellvitge Hospital affected by Covid-19. On March 31, he was discharged, he was the first patient to leave the Intensive Care Unit of said center alive.

He never saw the faces of those who cared for him. On April 1 he began to write a letter.

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt24064954/


Length: 20 minutes

Directed by: David Airob & José Bautista

Cast: Fernando Domínguez, Jéssica Castaño, Anna Vera, Wen Chen Zheng, David Berbel, Cèlia Julià, Sandra Olivera, Aleix Domínguez.

Script: Based on Fernando Domínguez´s letter written after leaving Bellvitge Hospital´s ICU overcoming Covid-19.

Cinematography and Still Photos: David Airob

Film Editing: José Bautista

Sound Design and Original Music: José Bautista

Color Grading: David Airob

Subtitles: Jesús Filardi

Voice-over: Fernando Domínguez

Poster: Fernando Domínguez